Vintage style long whimsical art earrings.  
title : the little red riding hood
size approx : 6,5cm
color : black
Illustration by seven keys
The image is a reproduction of our original drawing
The image is printed in high quality photo paper, set in a vintage frame setting and sealed with  resin to protect the image.

Black color long earrings featuring one of our original  illustration .
The earrings are handmade and each designs is unique .
Our earrings are designed both for children and adults . We choose our material carefully so they can be safely worn by people with allergies and our illustrations make them unique . We only manufacture a limited number from each design this way the people that choose to wear them have a truly special product.

ONE OF A KIND DESIGNS : the jewelry that are marked as one of a kind we just make one piece of each . This is either because we use unique stones charms or vintage settings that are impossible to be reproduced so one they are gone we can not make more of this design

We are constantly adding new designs in our jewellery collection however if you can't find what you are looking for you can always contact us to design something just for you .

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